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Today we lost an angel, today we lost a friend
It really wasn’t optimum the way it had to end
It wasn’t unexpected, but neither was it right
That such a lovely creature had to slip into the night

It makes me think of others I’ve lost along the way
And tho’ somehow I survived it all, their memories live today
They help me set my eyes on the world that can’t be seen
And how to get us safely there has become my dream

Life they say has a way, of throwing many curves
Of sending pain, and many things we seldom may deserve
How I wish that I could spare you
From the heartaches life will bring
But instead I’ll pray when they come your way
They help you grow a lovely set of wings.

Nothing in creation is lost, I've heard it said
From one form to another, it is transformed instead,
So that sweet and gentle spirit that was with us for a while
is now lighting up a different group of beings with her smile
is now lighting up some peaceful corner of heaven with that smile

So if when thinking of her a tear comes to your eyes
Remember those that know their Maker never say goodbye
Just close your eyes believing that nothing ever dies
And Receive His healing, spread those wings and fly

They say that time
Has a way to heal the heart
One day we’ll finally understand it all
I pray you find a resolution in your heart
Some day, some time

In some unseen dimension, in a place not far away
Beyond our comprehension, she lives and breathes today
‘Cuz Some things are forever and live just out of sight
And I know deep in my soul that she's all right 
…are the things that make you strong


from I'll Meet You Over There, released August 2, 2011



all rights reserved