I'll Meet You Over There

from by Jerry Paladino

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Have you ever wondered about what life is like for those who have passed on to ‘a better place’?--What’s it actually like, what THEY are like, how they feel and act there? This song offers a glimpse into what their world and life there is like, taken from studies of the Bible & testimonials of ‘Life after death’ and ‘life after life’ patients, from people who have gone there, seen a bit of it, and have come back to tell us about it…


They all move so slowly and with such peace,
Like in a slow motion dance, they flow with ease
In harmony with the music of the stars--
They're so happy where they are.
They float as they walk and glide around,
Their feet seem to hardly touch the ground,
All talking and laughing happily,
Oh, what a lovely place to be!

As Earth recedes, Heaven opens
To a World waiting above.
We let go of time, pain and sorrow,
For this glorious Kingdom of Love.
In the morning at dawn,
I'll meet you over There.

They're much better off than you and I,
Released from the troubles of this life,
Free from their hunger and their thirst,
All disease and every curse;
Dressed now in shimmering gowns of light,
Looking much like they did in prime of life,
Transporting to Earth or anywhere -
They just think it and they're there!

[Repeat chorus]

They watch from their vantage point Up There,
And when allowed they help us here,
And that day when our job on Earth is done,
They'll be there to take us home.
On that wonderful day we will transform,
Feeling so loving and so warm;
We'll rise up to meet them in the sky,
At the twinkling of an eye.


from I'll Meet You Over There, released August 2, 2011



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